Thursday, 26 May 2011

Dog eats dog

We got the official letter from MoreThan rejecting our insurance claim. No idea why it takes so long to get correspondence sorted but considering we were burgled almost five months ago it does seem extraordinarily drawn out. Anyway, their explanation was that they considered the burglary a "walk in". I wrote back explaining that coming down a private road to the last house, scaling a high (locked) gate and jimmying a lock sounds a lot more sinister than a careless, opportunistic "walk in" and pointed out that the forensics expert and PC who came round said they could've picked the lock in under five minutes. Regardless, I feel better for challenging their decision as I'm sure most people don't.

As we have a police monitored alarm on when we're not in the house it's actually more attractive for burglars to strike when we're at home (though they're assuming we don't sleep with it on).

My Plan B was to get a dog. I've mentioned the Boston Terrier in other posts so here it is again (pictured top). Not only is it considered a good guard dog it seems the perfect dog for lazy owners: "This breed of dog loves playtime. However, when it comes to actual exercise, only moderate activity is required. While you could take the Boston Terrier for a long walk, it is not necessary. Typically, a short walk a few times a week would suffice."

Someone, please, talk me out of it before I weaken...

Friday, 6 May 2011

Our biggest fan


Thanks to the unseasonably warm weather we've been enjoying in the UK lately, we've been running a fan in our bedroom at night to circulate the air. It's kind of noisy, even when on low and after seeing a Dyson Air Multiplyer in action a few months ago we'd been fixated on getting one. The Dyson was shortlisted for a People's Choice Award as part of Wallpaper's annual Design Awards last year actually.

Fortunately as our 12th (!) wedding anniversary was looming this seemed like a good opportunity to get one for Rob. He was suitably delighted and can now enjoy quiet, non-buffeted air all night long.

FWIW: My annivesary present was a Flip video recorder. I guess normally this would be exactly the sort of thing I should get excited about, however about three weeks ago I'd said to Rob the reason why Flip was shutting down production was because HD video was available on smartphones now, making the extra device redundant.

Funnily enough that conversation was ignored/forgotten and I now find myself with two phones, an iPod Touch, a camera and now a Flip to take on holiday.