Thursday, 21 October 2010

Well lit

Another photo of the finished kitchen. This shot was taken at night - about 20 minutes ago actually - and I noticed that all the lightbulbs under the cupboards were working. This is possibly the first time in over a year that there hasn't been one or two blown. Yup, another productive day from Rob who's been fiddling with teeny tiny bulbs.

In other house related news, the tenants at our flat are moving out after two years. I've got a friend who's a painter/decorator popping round to give us a quote. Rob wasn't keen, arguing that new tenants would just ruin the new paint job within a few months, but with a combination of London pollution and Blu-tack the walls have definitely seen better days. It was last painted seven years ago. (Actually, the walls at our current house could do with a tart up and we've lived only here for two years, but that's what happens when you have kids...)

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Decluttering mission

In a recent post I mentioned our plans for the utility room. Well, this is the view of our garage and where the bike rack is (on the floor), is about where a new wall would go to separate the utility space from the garage.

I wish I had a 'before' photo to show you as this space has been completely overhauled. There were boxes of who-knows-what and unstable shelves full of miscellaneous DIY debris in here. It was impossible to walk around the bikes due to the tower of fire hazards looming - one bump and the whole lot would tumble.

Rob has been working part-time all summer and he must've noticed my exasperation at this mess 'What exactly do you do all day again?'. I came home last week and opened the garage door to be greeted with an industrial shelving unit and a clear floor. It would've taken hours. And it's surprisingly satisfying being able to walk around in here now. There's still quite a bit of junk to dispose of but this is 10x better than it was.