Thursday, 25 April 2013

Wobbly fence

Spring is a month late this year, so this shot taken a few days ago looks like the middle of winter when normally those bare trees would be full of green buds. The reason for this post is that next door has decided to landscape their garden by removing most of the foliage and decking the entire space. It means the wonky fence that you can see will be replaced with something more solid - and taller. There were plans to put in a gate so that the kids can easily pop over, but this has been shelved in favour of a lower fence closer to the houses that the kids can climb (as they do now).

The lovely Polish builders are doing that job so we've briefed them on doing some more jobs for us while they're here. The first thing was to measure up a new front door, as they'd be the ones fitting it. I'm so happy that we've found a place that manufacturers composite doors to a high spec for way less than Anglian Home Doors - it has the rather SEO friendly name of and the door we've found (which does allow a letterbox slot!) comes in at £700. The installation should be around £350. The second thing was to quote for finishing the rest of the building work - ie the top floor of the house. Will update in due course!