Thursday, 5 March 2009

Marching on

House update - the wood for the deck was meant to be delivered yesterday but this has been postponed to "tomorrow, hopefully" - what was meant to be three days of snagging is now stretching to three months of waiting. I read back over this blog and was mortified to see advice I'd written into the ether that builders aren't motivated if there's no financial incentive and am cursing Rob for paying for so much up front. We've withheld he last 5% but that's not enough of a carrot to make the builders rush back and finish the job. I know it will get done, but I have to admit I am getting impatient now - what should have been done and dusted by the first week of January still isn't looking likely to happen by mid March.

The new Livingetc is just out and in there is a tour of radio presenter Jamie Theakston's mid-century furnished house in West London. The article asks him what his favourite feature of the house is and he replies the fridge that dispenses ice and water. Pictured top is our fridge which also dispenses ice and water. I have to agree - it's been no end of pleasure having a G&T without having to smash up a frozen bag of ice cubes first, and we feel virtuous at reducing our consumption of bottled water.

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