Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Making good the wall

The weeks leading up to Christmas were crazy. Not only did the boiler get replaced (and relocated) but we had a lovely and efficient Polish builder over to make good this gaping hole that was now in the downstairs wall. Here it is pictured above, with newspaper covering to try and keep in the polystyrene balls which filled the wall cavity.

A week before Christmas we left the UK for a three week holiday to New Zealand and Malaysia. Three weeks is the longest holiday we've had since moving to the UK over ten years ago.

The dust and debris and suitcases (and cost!) seem like a distant memory as I write this from the Tanjung Rhu resort in Langkawi, especially reading that it's snowing in London this week.

The photo below shows the results of "making good" the wall after the first day, more pics to come of the wall after the plaster has dried. In the meantime, I'm off to try and find a sun lounger that hasn't been reserved by some over enthusiastic visitors from Germany...


Lindsay said...

Oh now I'm jealous, the resort looks fab and we are experiencing minus temperatures with more heavy snow forecast for the weekend!

Kevin Beamer said...

Wow. That's a big improvement on the wall! I remember my cousin needed a basement renovation last summer, so we went looking for the best home contractor. Leads about the best ones listed a few. But our chosen one did a fantastic job on the basement. I'm just so glad that both home improvements turned out great!