Saturday, 11 September 2010

Splashback is in!

Who knew a piece of 6mm toughened glass would be such a cause for celebration? Nearly two years (!) after finishing the kitchen, we finally had the splashback installed yesterday. It cost just under £1,200 including installation and VAT, and was sorted efficiently by Robert Timmins Furniture who came round and did the measurements with a laser.

I'm so glad we paid the money - our original quote from a local glass supplier was half what we ended up paying, but would've meant the glass had seams/joins around the hob. A continuous piece of glass looks impactful, and the sockets were cut out perfectly thanks to the accuracy of the laser measuring system.

I can't believe we took so long to get this sorted. It makes the kitchen look SO MUCH better. And now I can continue having espresso machine explosions and blender accidents and not worry so much about the mess. Yippee!


Mike in Amsterdam said...

Really nice! Love the colour.

We have one put up by a "local glass installer" (slash fishing and camping equipment and paint retailer...) a few years back. While they did a pretty good job given the wall isn't perfectly straight (old building), it does have joins between the heat-resistant and regular glass panels. Will one day re-do it. I think the procrastination was worth it!

jfoo said...

It looks so lovely, well done!

LIISA said...

Fabbo. Looks great - shiny!
You've almost inspired me to do the grout-seal and finally glaze the 'feature cupboard' at mine - 5 years later. Almost... x

Kids Height Charts said...

As Liisa pointed out, it does look shiny indeed. Love the reflections of the flowers on your brand new splashback! Congrats.

Mathew Bergeron said...

What a beauty! I read on your previous blog that you were having problems with the splashback that you ordered. Glad that it was already installed! How is it now? From the looks of it, I think it suits your kitchen perfectly. It made your kitchen pop. Maybe you can put in some more accessories to add more aesthetics to it.[Mathew Bergeron]