Sunday, 10 October 2010

Decluttering mission

In a recent post I mentioned our plans for the utility room. Well, this is the view of our garage and where the bike rack is (on the floor), is about where a new wall would go to separate the utility space from the garage.

I wish I had a 'before' photo to show you as this space has been completely overhauled. There were boxes of who-knows-what and unstable shelves full of miscellaneous DIY debris in here. It was impossible to walk around the bikes due to the tower of fire hazards looming - one bump and the whole lot would tumble.

Rob has been working part-time all summer and he must've noticed my exasperation at this mess 'What exactly do you do all day again?'. I came home last week and opened the garage door to be greeted with an industrial shelving unit and a clear floor. It would've taken hours. And it's surprisingly satisfying being able to walk around in here now. There's still quite a bit of junk to dispose of but this is 10x better than it was.

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