Saturday, 4 December 2010

Baby it's cold outside

Yeah so it's winter in England and guess what? There is snow. It was probably only six inches or so in Hackney, so not as heavy as the big snow day in February 2009. The country still came to a virtual standstill as it was the heaviest snowfall in November for 17 years. As avid hardcore cyclists, we carried on taking the kids to school and going into work. Despite skidding a bit on some black ice on the way home the week of snow wasn't bad for us at all. I ended up getting the bus once and that was more to do with social plans than safety.

Maybe it's because I grew up in New Zealand and didn't see snow in urban environments very often, but the novelty of a city blanketed in white still thrills me despite living in the UK for 11 winters.


Alex said...

This is one of those extreme weather events in England. We all know that with more snow and cold weather, there have been severe problems that occurred in our environment.

And in my opinion, I think this extreme weather will last for a few years…

Alvaro said...

Yeah, that’s right! This is one of those extreme weather events in England. Cold weather and snow is always a problem for us over the years. Especially, for the State who have extreme weather like this in the UK. But I think it's actually fun. Many things we can do in the winter, such as sports, cycling, running etc. That was my experience with my family.