Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Phase 2 is imminent


Stardate: March 2012 - and I finally have some actual renovation to write about! This is in relation to the downstairs bathroom update and the implementation of a utility room. The builders came back with a quote, which was quite high, so we revised the plans to make it as simple as possible.

The quote was still too high but after some to-ing and fro-ing it looks like the building work, building materials and a separate water heating unit will cost £6,500 + VAT. We have to buy all the sanitary ware, tiles and extras (heated towel rail, laundry shelving etc) but it looks like the builders can start work next week.


I'm quite liking black tiles - not sure how they'll feel in a small wetroom, but after years of looking at white tiles I feel like a change.

In other news: there was a weird sound coming from our Samsung side-by-side fridge freezer. Turns out it was the fan hitting ice. It took less than 24 hours for the fan to grind to a halt and start overheating. Luckily (?) this happened while we were hosting a lunch at ours rather than say, the middle of the night or while we were away for the weekend. Rob quickly defrosted the fridge with our handheld steamer, and viola, the fridge is working fine again. The fridge is less than four years old and I had no idea it got icy - and we know a few people with the same fridge. Let this be a warning to ensure you defrost yours from time to time...


LIISA said...

Oooo, excitement - and a lucky save! - a good week in Kayville.
Love to the lovely fam. Us x.

Kitty Read said...

ooh good advice on fridge freezer. You have the stainless steel that I wanted but my husband insisted on Manhattan Silver ... i still don't think it looks right in the room ... oh well! It looks fab 4 years on :) x

Lucy said...

Spooky! I stumbled across your blog whilst mulling over starting one for our new home renovation project (lifetime commitment). Spotted your post about the Samsung Fridge/freezer. We had exactly the same model which developed exactly the same fault as yours last year. This seems to be a known issue with them and although ours was out of warranty, Samsung sent an engineer to replace a part free of charge. Thought it worth mentioning in case it happened again to you!