Friday, 4 May 2012

Leaks in the roof


The rain in the UK has caused flooding, so you can imagine that quite a lot of water has fallen the last month or two. With it comes an ongoing problem that we have from our otherwise superb glass extension: The three vents (aka windows) all leak. Not from the frame, but from the rubber seals in non-consistent places on all three.

Sometimes one does it, sometimes two, but never so far all three. We've had Sunfold Systems (who installed it) out four times to remedy the problem over the last couple of years. This usually results in some rubber getting cut to improve drainage, then a fella coming back to seal up the hole which is too large. Then a fella coming back to cut a hole in the seal when the vents start holding water, a bit like an overhead glass-bottomed boat feature.

This time though they decided to pull up the external rubber and replace it with a wider version which should channel any water (rain, condensation, overflow from washing the windows etc) into the holes. From here it trickles over the glass and down into a gutter. That's the theory anyway. And yes, apparently we're STILL the only people to have this problem.

The top photo shows the dining area sporting roasting trays on the floor to catch the drips.


Two of the leaks have come back, so Sunfold are coming back next week to have another look...


Norbert said...

When it comes to repairing roof leaks, consider hiring roofing contractors that have been in the business for 5 years and up. After cutting down the number of prospects, do a background check on each to find out the best. Make use of client feedback. Is this your first time to have roof leaks, Kay? BTW, your dining table looks amazing.

Norbert Floth

Lino Kosters said...

Aside from leaks, you should also check your gutters regularly. Sometimes, we cannot avoid debris from clogging our gutters. It hinders the regular flow of the water that falls on our roof. That being said, it is indeed, a must to regularly maintain our roof to keep it long lasting.

Lino Kosters

Elizabeth said...

That was some situation, Kay. But I’m glad that you decided to have a more permanent fix thru the replacement. Sometimes, it is best to replace the damaged part than repair it repeatedly, especially if you are talking about the roof. You can enjoy long-lasting results and fewer worries when the rainy season comes.

Elizabeth Hoffnung

Kristopher said...

I think this problem cannot be solved through simple troubleshooting. The leaks keep coming back, despite efforts of your contractors to fix them. Instead of paying more and hoping that the leaks won’t come back this time, it’s better to have them replaced entirely. If you have already done that, then congratulations! If not, take this time to look for the things that might cause the leaks on your vents. Leaks are irritating and can cause serious damage. I hope you’ve managed to get rid of them.

Kristopher Diss

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