Wednesday, 15 May 2013

End of an era...

I leave my job at Wallpaper* in two days time. There's a massive restructure going on and I applied for voluntary redundancy. My motivation for applying was primarily down to two things: firstly, the payoff. Secondly - six years in digital for one company is a long time, and I'd been thinking about when to make that leap into something invigorating and scary (as change is often scary). The timing couldn't have been better.

And it means that in a week or so, we'll have the funds to finally finish the house! There have been entire houses built from scratch in a fraction of the time it's taken to renovate this one [refer: Grand Designs]

The good news is, the builders gave me the quote today and it's only a bit over what I'd budgeted. My original plan of having the summer off might be curtailed if the cost of the renovation creeps up buy hey, I'll be a much happier human being having a proper wardrobe, a floor that doesn't creak and a bathroom that isn't embarrassing to show guests.

Even better news is they can start next week - not quite sure if that's feasible given that we'd have to empty the top floor of all our stuff - including the furniture - but if they can then I'll be able to tick one massive thing off my to do list when people ask me 'What's next?' - my answer has been pretty standard:  Have the summer off, finish the house and then find something exciting in digital - to that end, if you need my skills - I'm available for freelance, contract or permanent roles - my LinkedIn profile is here: and if you work in marketing for a brand and you'd like to come to a workshop on Designing Disruption (in east London) I'm one of the speakers, details here:

And I guess this means with building work imminent, at least this blog will get updated more regularly!

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