Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Country blues...

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I've had a few rather terse email exchanges with builder number two, Division 5 Builders. When I asked for a more useful document than the one he supplied he got *very* defensive. I told him we'd paid (over the agreed price by a fair whack) for what was in effect a quote, and that it was of no real use to use unless it could detail the actual quantities involved. He retorted saying that's not what a Bill of Quantities is (check Wikipedia - that's exactly what it is).

We're now at a stand off as we'd like our keys back, he wants payment and we still don't have a Bill of Quantities, and he told us we don't need one. (We do, actually).

Anthony (the architect) was over for dinner on Monday night and he said that as the document supplied was six weeks late and builder number two hadn't told us of the massive price increase we should pay the original agreed amount and let him chase us for the rest. Of course, if we don't get the keys back we can also deduct the cost of changing all the locks from the invoice too. I found a really negative review about him on the internet which is another red flag, though having dealt with the guy first hand and seen how difficult and aggressive he is there's no way I could work with him on a full project.

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