Thursday, 3 July 2008

Neutra house for sale

This is an iconic image of the Richard Neutra 'Singleton Residence' which occupies five acres on top of Bel Air. The good news if you have bottomless pockets is that this property is currently for sale, though the price tag won't give you much change out of $20m. That's a huge pile o' smackers. Interested parties should check out the Sotheby's website for more details.

As mentioned in earlier posts, Rob and I are huge fans of Case Study Houses and Richard Neutra was part of that scene. In fact, after Pierre Koenig, Neutra would be a close second for favourite mid-century architect. Check out the photo of the Singleton house below - indoor/outdoor flow, sliding doors and a feature wall made of stone (Rob has poo-poo'd this idea for our current project, but I'll get my feature stone wall in our next house with any luck…). I even quite like the furniture and flooring in this house (which obviously has had several updates since Neutra designed it in the 1950s)

There's less quality real estate porn to drool over with this dreaded credit crunch but I'm sure I can ferret around for some more inspirational images to tide us over until our building work actually kicks off (still no quotes from any builders!)


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