Saturday, 18 October 2008

Boxed in

Here's the back of the house (featuring my friend Kate walking like a moon patroller) which has been boxed in until further notice. The extra beam will go between the two exterior walls at some point, then the roof and glass panels will slot in perfectly (WE HOPE) which, at the time of writing is still 9 to 12 weeks away. London gets pretty darn cold in January. Yippee.

Once the glass and framing is in the internal ceiling and walls will be 'made good' and the bamboo flooring laid. The last bit of Phase One will be the installation of pre-made bespoke cabinetry to house all our miscellaneous junk and a flatscreen TV. There's talk of just the skeleton of the cabinets being made, with the cupboard doors to come a bit later, depending on finances. We've cut corners on pretty much everything, so it would be beyond depressing to live with exposed shelves. I feel like we've chosen the cheapest option every step of the way and if we still can't eke out enough to get those cabinets finished I know I'll curse the budget light switches, doors, handles, lighting roses and halogen surrounds for eternity.

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Anonymous said...

It's depressing to have to choose the cheapest stuff out there because of budget constraints. The light switches, handles, and even doors can be switched out pretty easily at any time, though. You could do them gradually to give yourself a lift on days you're feeling down after the renovation.