Friday, 24 October 2008

Phone at home

I finally bought something for the house which wasn't an 'essential' part of the interior scheme. It's a phone. Not just any phone, but a Columbo Two designed by Chauhan Studio. I got ours in white, which I guess means it'll be hard to find in our kitchen.

We haven't had a cordless phone before as I was paranoid about electrical pollution and vulnerable children's brains... but we've had wireless broadband for an eternity now so it seemed silly to keep up the pretence. Now that we've got a garden it makes sense to have a phone which we can wander around with. Besides, even though it's a designer bit of kit, it only cost £39.99, from Selfridges.


Anonymous said...

I was planning on buying the same phone but reading the comments on the web, I discovered that it lacked in sound and battery life. What do you think about it? Is it good value?
Thank you for your advice!

kaybar007 said...

Yeah for c£40 it's great value - the in-ear volume could be louder but if you're in a quiet room it's fine. Also the battery life hasn't been an issue as the phone always goes back on the cradle to recharge. We bought a second phone to put upstairs as we liked the design so much. In two years we've only had to replace the batteries on the first one once.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your advice! My boyfriend wasn't very keen on it, but I'll have strong argument to persuade him now!
Thanks again :D