Monday, 22 December 2008

Rubble rousers

Aaaah, light. The sparky wired up two external lamps which operate on a sensor so if anything moves in the back garden they switch on for about two minutes, then go off again. We can over-ride this from inside, so if we were hanging out in the garden at night and wanted to see what we were doing the sensor lights can be forced to stay on.

The lights seem to switch with alarming regularity and we were putting it down to the nocturnal habits of the neighbours cats (of which there seem to be about a dozen) but at the weekend we heard an animal howling and five minutes later an enormous fox trotted right past our doors. I reckon it was as big as Schnauzer (not a miniature one) or a Cocker Spaniel - and really fluffy. The odd fox we spied from our last flat was always mangy and feral looking, this fox last night looked almost regal. I guess it gets to dine on the spoils of nearby Victoria Park. We're going to have to remove the undergrowth at the bottom of the garden because as much as I love animals, I'm not happy about a family of foxes living there...

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