Saturday, 21 November 2009

We moved in a year ago!

Happy anniversary gravy, got you on my mii-i-ind! (Musical reference, Little River Band FYI). Yup, a whole year has passed. And despite all the hiccups and dramas, when you compare how this house looked when we first exchanged contracts to how it looks now. I have to admit, I am pretty chuffed with how it's turned out. Here's a bunch of before and after shots for your perusal
(NB these house pics show the possessions/taste of the previous occupants)

At top shows how the entrance hall looked, and below is how it looked as of half an hour ago...

Here is the original stair case:

And here it is today:

This is the utility room that used to be at the bottom of the stairs:

And you can see how it looks now, with that pesky boiler turned 90 degrees, because the back wall was knocked out for the extension:

Here's the original TV room in the middle floor:

And here's how it looks now - note the boxes still yet to unpack, and the kids clutter (that yellow and blue thing is a puppet show theatre):


Lindsay said...

Congratulations on one year in! Hope you have many more happy years (and find a cut price plumber and boiler into the bargain!)

sn0tty said...

I seriously LOVE your home. So clean and modern! I was just telling someone at Thanksgiving dinner about the color of your kitchen backsplash because it matched her sweater. :)

kaybar007 said...

Thanks both :) Boiler is being deferred until January now, gah! Long story, will do a post...