Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Clearing out clutter

This past weekend was the first time - in about two years? - that we had absolutely nothing social pencilled in. A completely free Saturday *and* Sunday is pretty much a rarity since having kids. The goal was to spend both days unpacking the stacks of boxes that have been bugging me for the last year so that the bank valuer could see the space without being distracted.

Somehow on Saturday we ended up having brunch at the local pub with some other parents and the attached children, mashing together enough tables to seat the 13 of us. We spent an hour freezing in the playground before moving on to another pub. All the while I was thinking about those boxes. We managed to offload our kids onto a spontaneous sleepover (thanks Sara and Chris!) and went out for dinner. Sunday morning came and went. We got the kids back after lunch. And still not a lot happened with those boxes. Then something clicked and in a manic frenzy we somehow managed to clear every single one out of the TV room and either deal with the contents, or hide them elsewhere. It took four or five hours of solid sorting but it's made such a huge difference - the hallway from the TV room to the office is huge! We can use our retro Danish bar again! I can't believe it took 15 months to get around to doing it, but it goes to show that a tiny bit of determination gets you there in the end...

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