Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Downstairs wall update

This is a white expanse of wall. And it may look like the most boring thing you've seen in a while but if you scroll back through these posts, you'll see that this used to be home to a rusty, ancient boiler. The Polish builder managed to get it looking pretty good, though it will need proper plastering at some point to make it super smooth. In the meantime, the only reminder that the boiler was there is the old power point to the top left of this photo, and that will be replaced with a less noticeable face plate sometime in the next millennium.

The rest of the room looks like the photos above and below - even on a grey, overcast day there's loads of light. The whole motivation for moving the boiler was to increase the value of the property - and reduce our massive gas bills - and the valuer came around this morning. Unfortunately bank valuers are somewhat more conservative than real estate valuers so we're sitting tight and hoping that the figure he comes up with will allow our new mortgage rate to be something reasonable... it's all based on how much we owe vs how much the house is worth. We should know in the next couple of days.

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