Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Re-mortgage fun

Hello spring, about freakin' time. London seems to have been suffering from the mother of all deluges for what feels like weeks and now we've had two consecutive days of blue skies. The park is popping with flowering bulbs and it's nice to cycle without having to wear horrid waterproof tent trousers.

Spring is about the nicest thing to happen this week. I am suffering from a comedown - Depeche Mode's Tour of the Universe is now over and I only got to see them five times. Pictured at top is the side view from the front row of my box seat at the Royal Albert Hall a couple of weeks ago.

And as of yesterday our mortgage went up
six and a half times.

Yeah it's a massive sum compared to what we've been paying, but it's still lower than it was when we actually bought it, so I'm trying to look on the bright side (AARRRGGGGGHH). Mind you, we could knock nearly £200 off a month if we can get the bank to reassess the valuation it gave us by a relatively teensy sum (within the £10K "margin of error" apparently).

The problem is 1. our mortgage broker is leaving her job next week and 2. there's a massive backlog at the bank.

Hopefully this will be sorted very soon. In the meantime, the babysitter has been cut to two nights per month and it looks like our Easter holiday will be spent in the vicinity of the house (AARRRRRRGGGHHH).

And breathe.

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