Wednesday, 24 March 2010

You light up my life

One of my favourite birthday presents turned out to be a light. (Thank you Malcolm & Andrew!) Yup, I am digging something really practical. I may've mentioned I'm old mature now. This light has 256 possible colour options, and it can either phase through each one, like a slow-mo disco enhancement, or you can choose the light to match your mood. You need a bit of white wall for it to shine onto and a power socket and bam! Instant party starter. No, not really, but the kids were impressed for all of ten minutes.

I have to admit, it really does make the room warmer (well, with that expanse of glass and white it wouldn't take much).

The light is called a Philips mini LED and is
available here for £69.95. Progress on hanging the rest of our art is at a standstill but I'm pretty sure having more up will make it seem warmer still...

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PTC Property Renovations said...

Love the light! It's amazing how different colored lights can enhance and change the feel of a space.

Great blog, I'm enjoying reading through your renovation realities!