Friday, 29 June 2012

Six months on a leaky boat

Over two weeks ago I emailed Sunfold Systems about these persistent leaks but have yet to get a reply. I guess they're exasperated with us - the annoying client who always has leaks despite 5+ site visits. We're pretty exasperated too - it's not ideal paying over £20k for a brand new roof to live with pots, pans and towels on the floor. The leaks have gotten so much worse since the last visit that we're wondering if having the serviceman up there has somehow damaged the steel supports. Will write a firmly worded letter and update in due course.

In other news, LOVE having that second shower. Especially when the weather's been humid and the kids come home filthy. The shower space is easily big enough for both girls - it feels roomier than other showers we've used actually, and despite various warnings about soap scum the black tiles look fine.

PS title refers to a Split Enz song: Rubbish quality video but it's from 1982, pre HD:


wrystarr said...

I hate leaky roofs! And it's terrible that this still remains to be resolved for you. If like me you fancy the rain, leaky roofs just utterly ruins the moment. By the way, if ever you need ground protection mats let us know.

Flogistix said...

I also agree. . before the boat will be must first test if it doesn't have leak. . .really much appreciated your post. . .thanks.
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Bron said...

I'm a kiwi too, never occurred to me someone might not get the title!
Good luck with the leaks