Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Giant bean bag

Last year I meant to get a bean bag: I thought it would be useful for the overflow if we had loads of people on the sofa, or as extra outdoor seating on our lawn. I never got around to it, and the X Factor final came and went with ten of us squashed on the sofa or on cushions on the floor.

This year I got proactive and ordered one after a friend sent me a link to made.com. The colours I wanted were out of stock so I settled for chocolate brown and a week later it duly showed up. Despite articles written about made.com's (lack of) customer service in the press and various complaints on Twitter I'm happy to say that my experience with them was absolutely trouble free.

The only problem was the size - Rob said if he knew just how big the bean bag was going to be he would've vetoed it. As it happens it takes up a LOT of floor space but at least the kids can both lie on it without annoying each other.

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