Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Cushioning the impact

Maybe it's advancing age, or maybe it's because our sofa is getting on, but I've found the need for cushions has outweighed my previous need for minimalism.  One tucked behind makes an evening spent glued to back-to-back episodes of Breaking Bad fly by.

So I thought it was a good idea to buy new ones to replace the sad flat boring black ones that came with the sofa. I found these three beauties which appealed to my kitsch sensibility, yeah I thought it had long been suppressed too. The best bit? £4 EACH from Primark! Rob nearly had a coronary muttering  'Why are we buying home furnishings from Primark?' Sure, like he'd have been thrilled if I'd bought three cushions for £40 each from a reputable department store. 

Anyway, cushions aren't a lifetime commitment. By the time these need replacing I'll have upgraded my need for kitsch, though maybe not my need for a total bargain...

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