Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Mostly finished bathroom

Ten weeks into the build and the bathroom is finished (except for a little snagging). And I started a new job yesterday. My summer off went super quick.

Here's the inbuilt shelving. Would be my preference to only have Aesop products but my family would disagree.

The cabinet is massive - managed to get all first aid and skincare items in my side...

View from the bathroom looking towards the hallway (lampshade is from B&Q - amazingly). The white box on the wall controls the underfloor heating.

Wall hung toilet and a Geberit flusher, which is the same style as the ones in my new office. Odd coincidence.

Slate non-slip flooring is from Topps Tiles.

Heated towel rail was from JT Spas - who delivered quickly and had excellent customer service (before and after).

Massive cabinet and lights were from Ikea...

...as was the double wall hung sink unit.

These photos were taken early evening - the light during the day is intense! Really happy with how it turned out. Kind of like a retro Case Study house.


Contrary Mary said...

Well done. You have my dream bathroom right there. & I love that you're the only person I know with more products than me :-) go you!

Contrary Mary said...

i love more that before i could publish a comment it asked me 'Please prove you're not a robot' !!! i am off to invent a robot that can pass the easy test. this will hopefully raise the funds for me to redesign my bathroom just like yours :-)