Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Non supporting beam

Well there had to be some kind of drama so let's hope that this is it
and there won't be any more (ha!). Our builders pulled back some of the
ceiling and discovered a support beam which was running the length of
the house, instead of the width. When the end wall of our house gets
knocked out for the extension, the beam has nothing to grab onto and
therefore the weight of the two stories above it could quite feasibly
come crashing down. Our options according to Anthony-the-Architect are:

1. POST - Though is would mean breaking the existing slab (so it has a
footing) which we should try and avoid, also, it would
visually interrupt the stair
2. CANTILEVERED BRACKET - From the party wall (said bracket would need
to be a considerable size)
3. LENGTHEN STEEL BEAM - Weld new metal and reinforce with flitch plates
/ friction bolts if possible
4. STEEL HANGER - From above, which would require the lintel above to be
5. INFILL STAIR WALL - Stud wall, this was easy however reduces openness
of space from party-wall-to-party-wall TO party-wall-to-stair-wall

Rob is meeting a structural engineer at the site today to discuss our
options. Whatever the outcome, it will cost something and our already
meagre contingency fund is being chipped away...


Lindsay said...

Oh what a bugger! Just as things were kicking off so well. There's always surprises with older houses, here's hoping you don't find anymore.

kaybar007 said...

... except it's not really an older house, it was built in the 1980s! (curses to these mock Georgians with their New Wave-era building/quality issues!)

Lindsay said...

Oh I just assumed it was a period house, not sure why, perhaps because it looks size wise a lot like our place which is a flat fronted 1900 cottage with an extension on the back which has the kitchen, utility and bathroom in.

Looks like things are storming ahead now though! Which part of East London are you in?