Friday, 15 August 2008

Houston: we have lift off!


It's been six months and four days since we got the keys to our house and guess what? The work has FINALLY STARTED! I would say that this was the happiest day of the last few years but actually, that was probably when I got measured for a bra post baby number two to be told I was a 32DD. (Subsequently shrank to a 32D, but after being what I thought was a 34B for 10+ years, you can imagine I was over the moon...)

Last night we met with Anthony (Architect) and Teia (Builder) in Old Street - where there's an invasion of architectural offices - and discussed the schedule and timings. For some unfathomable reason quite obvious things such as "lighting" were left off the schedule and will now have to come out of the contingency fund. It didn't take that long to sort out everything, and in the end a contract was signed and the builders promptly showed up this morning to begin demolition.

Rob popped over to pay them the first instalment and was surprised/delighted that the old kitchen had already been ripped out. We're off to Ikea tonight to order up the kitchen. Photo at top shows a glossy white kitchen with dark counter top, I like this because it reminds me of Pierre Koenig, my architecture hero...

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