Friday, 29 August 2008

No Corian, no happy

Not so much a before and after, as a before and during. This is the old kitchen, which is now a blank space, soon to become part of our spare room/home office. The build has been going on for two weeks now so I'll have some more photos over the weekend. We've managed to get an exemption from paying council tax until the build has finished, which is good news as money is virtually evaporating.

I got a quote for a Corian worktop which came in at £3,600 including VAT - but because we have to pay an extra £3,000 for the new structural beam we can't get Corian. I'm still waiting for another 3 quotes to come in, and it's been over a week now. Such a shame to skimp on the worktop as this is one thing that really would make the kitchen something special. And I can hear Sarah Beeny (from Property Ladder to non-UK readers) saying something to the effect of "If you can spend a bit extra on the counter top it will add value in the long run…" I know Sarah, I know…


Anonymous said...

hi, who gave you the corian quote, it's really cheap!

kaybar007 said...

Erm, this particular quote I can't actually remember, but I got an even cheaper quote via Lindsay (who posted a comment here in June):

GH Services
Corian Worktop Specialists
6 Avocet Walk
Kent ME5 8NW
Mob: 07932666124