Tuesday, 14 April 2009

It's all white

Our downstairs colour scheme was initially fabulous. It was January when the extension became properly habitable, and the short winter days meant that our downstairs space felt spacious and bright, thanks to all the white furniture and white walls. But as the sun's started to feel stronger the glare in the room is just too bright. I spend each morning eating breakfast with sunglasses on. My neighbour thinks I've got a drinking/hangover problem (if you're reading this, those bottles in the recycling bin are from our many visitors!) cos if I'm not wearing the glasses I'm squinting at him.

Luckily (?) the glass splashback is a few months late getting fitted, and there are now lots of grease spots on the wall next to the hob. Rob bought some lime green (chartreuse?) test pots and we're peering at these colour samples throughout the day to see which one's the best fit. Initially I liked the middle one, but now I'm voting for number one. Rob's been cooling his heels at home for the last 20 weeks but starts his new job tomorrow (hooray!) so I'm not entirely sure when the painting is going to be done, or the splashback installed... I'll let you know as soon as I find out.


griffo68 said...

Very spooky!
I have been considering using the same sort of colour for the hob wall in my newly revamped kitchen!
OR a wall of....black!!!
Would a certain print be going in there!?! ;)

kaybar007 said...

Shush, it's a surprise. I will be doing a post on the subject in due course!