Thursday, 30 April 2009

Secure garden

The deck was finished before Easter, but for some odd reason I haven't taken a photo of it in it's entirety yet. I did manage to snap our new garden gate though. Not only did Chris-the-chippie install it in record time but he then stained it before heading off, which was really nice of him as I thought that was a job that we'd have to do.

The gate is huge and solid and arrived the day before we were due to dog-sit. Couldn't have been better timing as the dog enjoyed hanging out in our garden, and being a whippet we couldn't have hoped to contain him if there was no gate. Confusingly, the dog is called Marlowe - our eldest daughter is called Marlo - so hanging out in the park and explaining that to the various dog people we made small talk with was fun. I tried to convince people my other kid was called Spot (she was wearing a polka dot dress) but only one chap believed me.

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