Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Spring sunshine

A visitor from Bethnal Green supplied this photo of our BBQ lunch a couple of weekends ago, and as it shows the house looking sort of finished it seemed a shame not to use it. (Notice how half the deck is missing). Can't understand how the previous owners of this property just didn't make it easy to get out to the garden. The back door was off a tiny utility room, through two sets of doors from the stairs, and a whole floor below the kitchen. Bonkers.

Even though the garden is east facing, it gets the sun from sun up until the middle of the afternoon. We're hoping that as summer kicks in the sun will last even longer as it'll be higher in the sky and should peep over the rooftops. The neighbours said previous occupants had painted the entire middle floor black. Maybe they just don't like sunlight, and hence didn't see the appeal of a garden? Weirdos.


LIISA said...

OMG - y'all look like a glamour magazine family - just beautiful!
I've been watching it evolve & feel like I've been there with you, but suddenly realised you wouldn't know that - its a weird one-sided relationship. Anyway, you've done such a great job - it looks fabulous. I hope you all enjoy a super first summer (a fading concept here right now...) take care dears. Thinking of you.

kaybar007 said...

Aww thanks honeypie! Come for a visit any time - we have a spare room with a very comfy bed and Bela can have the bottom bunk :) Love to you all! xxx

Georgie said...

Gorgeous photo - love the white table. It's all looking fab!