Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Plastering has been done

What a difference a weekend makes, at least I think most of this happened over the weekend. I've been off on a bit of a jaunt chasing Depeche Mode around (well, only 4 shows so far) but this meant I had a trip to Germany followed by a trip to Paris less than 48 hours later.  The good news was that most of the horrible stucco effect had been removed and the surfaces of our walls and ceiling were now super smooth. The bad news was that the power points were in odd places for the new room layout, and there was no provision for reading lights over the bed.

The builders are going to chase the cabling into the walls for the reading lights and reposition some of the power points, but it means smashing up the plaster work.  In a way, it's been super useful that I've been off work so I can answer questions quickly and make decisions on the spot, but those few days when I was off travelling meant that no-one was here to sort the plugs out. Ho hum.

The top two photos show our bedroom, and the bottom four show the girls room (check out the mess on the floor - there are footprints all over the house all day, every day...)

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