Thursday, 6 June 2013

Pocket doors are in

This photo was taken in the bedroom looking out towards the bathroom. The two silver 'ladders' are the internal gubbins of the sliding door mechanisms. This is why there's currently no walls - in order to insert pocket doors they need the wall build around them. 

This is the size of the new wardrobe - about 2.5m long and as high as the ceiling - just thinking about this makes me feel extremely centred.

You can see how much space we've intruded into the new bathroom by the breeze blocks - the bathroom will be narrower than the original one, but longer.

And here's the builders genius solution to having to endure a plinth in the girls room: The plinth houses the head clearance space for the stairs, so can't be moved. Instead of building a wardrobe around it they suggested building a bed over it - they can make storage boxes to slide underneath and we can put a wardrobe in the opposite end of the room. This will allow maximum storage and allow the room to have more usable floor space.

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