Friday, 2 May 2008

Retro light shades

More on the old skool tip. Here are some lights from Salone - I know, I know… getting to schlep around a massive furniture fair when in the midst of a house renovation is just a tad convenient - that reminded me of the plastic 1970s versions. These are made from super fine strips of wood though, so of course they have much better 'green' credentials. Not sure which design I like the best of the red/green ones at the back, and would I get sick of looking at it month in, month out? There will be very few opportunities for a pendant light in our house. Currently in fact I think there's only one - over the kitchen sink. The three in the foreground remind me of home-made Christmas card lanterns. They're made by a company based in Valencia called Luzifer Spain.

The lights below are by Tom Dixon and look super cool. They're very similar to a lampshade from the 60s that a friend of mine bought. When I look at these I think of Jane Fonda in Barbarella, the mid century house in a Clockwork Orange and my shiny new set of petanque balls...

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sonneman said...

Fabulous lamps! Nice work! Thanks for doing this blog. I absolutely love it!