Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Self sufficiency

The building quotes were due in today but it looks as thought it'll be next week (argh!) now. One of the building companies wants to meet us on Monday to show us some of their work and look at our house so they can quote properly (why didn't they raise this three weeks ago when they agreed to tender?). Anyway, the house has now been sitting empty for three full months and we're about to enter the fourth. It would've been great to know this from the outset so we could've rented it out to someone.

Anyway, while we sit around twiddling our thumbs I'm fantasising about the day (one year from now?) that the place is finished, decorated, habitable and the garden's thriving. Husband has always refused to enter into conversations about pets of any kind but after a visit to Grand Designs Live he was convinced about the merits of having an Eglu chicken coop. Not only is it a really fetching design but it's easy to clean and houses two child friendly chooks, which could produce up to a dozen fresh organic eggs a week. It's £395 all up (including two vaccinated chickens and delivery) which I think would pay for itself in less than two and a half years - and the chickens live for five years. Apparently there's no noise or smell to worry about (it's only roosters/cockerels that make a racket) and the coop is fox proof. Ooh, I just had a flashback to The Good Life - I was always a fan of Margo's cocktail dresses rather than Tom and Barbara's self sufficient ways.

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