Monday, 30 June 2008

Dreaming about a piano


Dum dum de dum. Still twiddling my thumbs. Have had an email from a friend today who's been out of the country and just arrived back saying 'I expect you're all settled into your new house by now…'


If only. I had the most amazingly convincing dream last night that we were shopping for a shiny black grand piano on eBay to fill out the massive space. This wouldn't happen anyway as we have kids, ergo, space is generally filled up with kids stuff and secondly, I'd rather have a pair of Technics turntables and some decent storage for my vinyl if we were going to introduce a musical theme.

The photo at the top here is from Livingetc and shows an extension with a roof and sliding door system not too dissimilar from what we're planning. Our roof pitch won't be as steep as this, but the solid side walls and long narrow room are definitely on the same page. You can buy a film to go on the glass which helps reduce glare and sun damage, and potentially negates the need for special blinds (visual clutter, urgh) but as we've literally wasted thousands of pounds by having the house sitting empty I don't think we can justify shelling out more on things that aren't 100% essential, so maybe we'll just endure the brightness. Also, the extension is facing east so by mid afternoon when the heat's at it's most intense (for London…) the sun won't be pouring onto the glass, I hope.

Hopefully Teia (one of our prospective builders) has recovered from Glastonbury and is busy working on our quote. It's nearly July and if there isn't a builder starting work on it very soon I may well spontaneously combust!

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