Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Another Corian quote

Another Corian quote has come in and this is a VERY reasonable £2,550 including VAT and installation - it's only £1,000 more than our worktop budget which I think is probably do-able (to heck with the consequences, we can put more appliances on the credit cards!) but Rob is muttering about overspend and what not. So we're off to see what a concrete worktop looks like this weekend, as this will cost about £1,300 which is clearly a much more affordable option. I'm yet to be convinced but a saving of £1,200 could make a significant impact... well, that's how much a Velux would cost to install into our bathroom. Ack. Velux vs amazing worktop? Tough choice. I'm still waiting for some more quotes to come in but it's unlikely any of them can beat £2,550 for Corian or £1,300 for concrete.

Photo above shows the back garden with the extension mapped out (to the edge of the wood) as well as where the wooden deck will go, more or less.

The structural beam situation has added two to three weeks onto the build (and £2,900) but on the plus side we've decided to stick with our original choice on the glass extension company. I must've contacted more than half a dozen companies, and managed to get quotes from three (why the others were so reluctant to get business is beyond me). The cost ranged from £18,000 up to over £30,000 for the exact same specification (ie a roof, a concertina door, double glazed, secure etc etc). Here's a list of the companies I contacted should any UK residents fancying an extension wish to get a quote themselves:











Georgie said...

Great to see so much progress!

onur yapi said...

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