Friday, 25 April 2008

1950s settee

I found this display by Uno Design in Salone (surprise!) and something about the retro style really spoke to me. I didn’t sit on it so can't tell you if it's super comfy, but I love the way it looks. If The Jetsons were decorating I'm sure they'd have a sofa like this, it's both futuristic and retro at the same time.

Maybe this piece of furniture would make more sense in an office environment rather than a home (would it withstand hours of bright sunshine bleaching the fabric? Could you lounge on it and watch every episode of Arrested Development over a weekend? Heck, is the back even high enough to stop your head from lolling about?) - you can see why people who work in interior design need to be clued up. Unlike me. I tend to choose stuff based on emotion, comfort, practicalities and (sadly) price. It would be great to be able to have that visual gene that can work wonders in any space and know how to make the most out of a room.

Like a cousin to the above sofa, I found these chairs at Modus. Again, didn't sit on one so can't vouch for its comfort but can imagine sitting here and wasting an hour or two on the PS1 (I told you I was into retro).


Totalrenovering said...

What a beautiful settee, i like it. Thank you for your very nice article its really cute :). said...

I love the colors and the designs. I wish to have them also in my house. Thanks for this article.

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