Monday, 7 April 2008

Are you a builder?

Still nothing to report. The architects have drawn up a short list (as in it's a very short list, not a list of the prime candidates) of builders and construction companies to invite to tender. I was feeling more buoyant until I noticed on one of their websites that their residential refurb budgets were generally over £300K. Not in this lifetime I'm afraid.

This photo is from a house built around 1963/1964. I love how these mid century properties look so modern and futuristic nearly 50 years later. To me, that shows real foresight - imagining how people will want to live. I know we probably won't be living in our new property in ten years from now so I don't feel bad about having such a tiny budget, after all, we can always replace the fixtures and fittings when we have more money if we decide to add value. But I am sure the work we are planning to do will create a superior space which people will enjoy, I don't know if it will last 50 years but here's hoping.

Anyway, currently waiting for more builders to indicate they are happy to tender and they're available to start the work in May. Apparently there's an economic recession looming and the housing market is set to implode yet every builder the architect has contacted is either busy or our budget's too small.

If you know of any London based builders who aren't total cowboys, please get in touch.


LIISA said...

I'm still fantasizing about those under-stair draws, actually.

I like your added-value links too.


Ariadna said...

Got a builder!!! am actually paving and fencing my tiny front garden. Name's Dave phone is 07956304206. He is RELIABLE, believe it or not!!! he says it can be done before there will be no excuses; we will meet for a BBQ. maybe before? hugs, ari x