Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Damned Lampshade

Luc Merx "Damned" lampshade

Mmm, a theme. More ceramic naked maleness. Created by another Dutchman. This one's an architect though called Luc Merx (I wonder if that's a real or stage name?). On the MGX website the copy says 'He imagines the lamp hanging above a dining table, the shock of the frozen, terrified bodies disturbing diners with age-old questions of guilt and morality, issues usually kept behind closed doors.'

I can also imagine this lampshade above my dining table, but for me the bodies are less terrified and more vulnerable. Again, no idea how much it costs but unless Ikea start selling this as a mass produced item I doubt we'll be buying it any time soon. Sadly.

Postscript: I've found it for sale here , it's a limited edition of 40 pieces and costs $45,000. Damnit.

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