Thursday, 24 April 2008

Garden furniture & Metrosnapshot

I'm getting way ahead of myself even looking at garden furniture, but it was gloriously sunny in Milan so I found myself hanging outdoors quite a bit. In Superstudio Piu I was quite taken with this ingenious design: you can unclip the covers, roll them off and stack the chairs. The furniture comes in a plastic or wood finish. I've managed to tidy away the brochure so can't tell you the name of the manufacturer, but will endeavour to do that at a later date. It's such a good idea to have furniture which is easy to store in winter - and I'm not a fan of ye olde wooden country style garden furniture (but you knew that already, right?).

A few minutes after taking this photo I met up with Andy Wang from Metrosnapshot for lunch in via Tortona (below). I met Andy at last year's Salone (well, actually we were both in the immigration queue at Heathrow. I'd lost my mobile and he was transiting on the way back to San Fran…) Andy has got the work/life balance thing absolutely nailed - he works for three weeks and then has a week off to go travelling, mainly to design festivals all over the world, which he then blogs about on Metrosnapshot. I can't complain as co-incidentally I'll be in NYC for the ICFF next month but still, a whole week every month… now that would take some beating.


andy said...

hmmmm for some reason i missed that piece at superstudio piu. then again i was carrying so much stuff from the salone... i still gotta finish up the reporting!

we'll have to meet up again!

Furniture said...

I Love the garden furniture....