Thursday, 26 June 2008

Bill of quantities MIA


Dark, square bathroom tiles. I think I'm wobbling on the rectangle shaped ones the more I think about our tiny little bathroom. Oh but I'm getting ahead of myself again, as we clock up the fifth month of watching our empty house gather dust. The grass in the back garden is now well over knee height, but at least the steady stream of junk mail addressed to about a dozen previous inhabitants is finally slowing down.

I've sent a few impatient emails to the architect's office trying to hurry along this bill of quantities - apparently the devil's in the detail and the reason it's taking so long is because all the suppliers must quote for their bit so that each part of the work is costed accurately. Why does it take everyone so darn long though? That bill of quantities was due a month ago! If I took a month longer than an official deadline for my job I doubt I'd have a job for very long.

Heartening to read in the newspaper than the building trade is slowing down due to this economic recession as it might mean that tradespeople are able to do jobs with smaller budgets (as this is preferable to having no job at all). I have a feeling that it'll actually be the bigger budget jobs that drop off first and that people with similar budgets to ours will be fighting over the handful of builders out there, as families decide to renovate and expand, rather than relocate. Oh, and the Polish are heading back too as things get too bleak here, great.

Is reading this blog as boring to you as it is to me writing it? I was hoping for hundreds of before and after photos in this blog by now… as I'm sure you were too. Apologies.


Lindsay said...

Ah well, keep your chin up! Hopefully when it does all start you won't be like us who kept wondering why our tradesmen were MIA when they were meant to be working on our job! That's even more frustrating!

Try this chap for a Corian quote, finally managed to find his details in the carwreck that is our filing system!
GH Services
Corian Worktop Specialists
6 Avocet Walk
Kent ME5 8NW
tel: 01634 668340
Mob: 0793 2666124

kaybar007 said...

Merci Lindsay, will give them a call when we finalise the dimensions of the counter top...

Femke said...

Dear Kay, please don't go for the green tiles. You will regret it for live. xxx