Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Weekend escape

We just had the most spectacular weekend at Centreparcs. Having done all three Butlins for press trips in my time it was quite a step up to go to Centreparcs thanks to the lovely Alex at Halpern PR.

The reason I'm posting about it on my renovation blog is for two reasons: it was important to get some time away from the ongoing stress of our project and four days/three nights in Longleat Forest definitely put some space between us and the ongoing lack of progress on the house. Secondly, the design of the Woodland Lodge wasn't a million miles away from how we imagine our new house. The essence was there for sure - open plan kitchen/living space (pictured), indoor/outdoor flow thanks to sliding doors, a BBQ area, two bathrooms (heaven!), a corner sofa with a flatscreen TV and lots of wood/natural light/white/shiny fittings.

If I'm honest, it was a little depressing being on holiday and knowing that our house should've been well underway by now, and that''ll probably be summer 2009 before we'll be in our own outdoor space enjoying a BBQ. Then it was a little exhilarating knowing that half the battle has been won - we actually *have* a property to renovate. More fortunate than lots of people. And heck, we'll be enjoying our own outdoor space this time next year, these things take time etc etc.

If you live in the UK and you have kids then I definitely recommend Centreparcs. Make sure you stay at one of the newly renovated lodges though. We put the kids in the Time Out club and enjoyed the spa and some Elemis treatments (which were as good as the Elemis spa/salon in Mayfair). Also had a very good meal at the Grand Café, every restaurant there is kid friendly. Keen to go there again but will have to be well after the renovation is over!

Incidentally, Amy emailed to say she's found another builder to tender. So I think that's three now. I know I've been saying this every week for months but hopefully we'll have a builder appointed very soon...

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Place3 said...

A perfect gateway. Temporarily detached one's self from the madness and noise of city life. ' Well Done '.