Thursday, 19 June 2008

"Chill the f*ck out"

Sound advice from pic above, discovered on fabulous image bookmarking site

Rob had a meeting with Anthony (the architect) and Amy (the assistant) yesterday and hallelujah, we have made some progress.

Our friend Teia is a recently retired musician who's now a builder and he's submitting a quote for our build. Yesterday he had a look round the property, and dropped the keys back to Rob during the meeting with Anthony. As Teia drove past the café windows Anthony had a glimmer of recognition... and when Teia walked in they immediately recognised each other, having played football together in the East End in years gone by. What are the chances? London's pretty massive with 7m people (or more?) living here.

I should mention that both Teia and Anthony are both New Zealanders (as are Rob and I) and both have Maori blood. I am keeping everything crossed that Teia's quote isn't hair raising so that we can have the "Bro-Team" working on the project (that's a wee kiwi joke…).

Rob and I pored over the schedule of work over lunch today which listed what exactly is going to be demolished and then built.

This document really would've been useful a few months ago as I think most builders would've preferred to quote knowing what it is they actually need to do. If you've ever look at architectural drawings without any explanation to hand you'll know how confusing they are. Oh well, you live, you learn...

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