Monday, 16 June 2008

Ding dong time for an update

Img from Livingetc

I like wooden decking, which is good as it's a more affordable option than other types of outdoor surface. Clueless about foliage though so not sure what'll happen there. Met a couple recently who have an Eglu chicken coop in their garden and they raved about it. Except they'd just buried a chook which a fox had dissected. It was the kid's fault apparently for not returning the chicken to the coop before sunset.

Rob (the artist formerly known as "hubby" on this blog) was over at our empty property last week to show round a prospective builder. It was the middle of the day (lunchtime to be exact) and he spied a fox sunning itself in the next door neighbour's garden. This was a little depressing as it means we can't possibly have chickens as it would be too cruel to keep them penned up except for short bursts. Is there such a thing as a fox repellent?

In other news, it's now mid June and we haven't had a quote from any of the three builders who were meant to quoting. The first one was supplying a bill of quantities, eg: a list of exactly how much wood, how many nails and other bits & bobs, so that everyone can accurately cost up the job based on supplies and time. He said he'd have it after the last Bank Holiday weekend, which was three weeks ago.

Rob was having a real gripe about the state of things at the weekend and trying to get me to agree to move into our house so that we can stop paying out two mortgages. I can see the logic of this but I can also see merit in letting the builders have unfettered access for 4-6 weeks so they can get as much done as possible before we *have* to move in there. I'm sure they'd prefer to have a property which doesn't have people living in it, and as mentioned a few hundred times I hate the idea of living on a building site.

Or maybe it's that I'm fundamentally lazy and a move will mean quite a lifestyle shift: Currently I can hear the five minute warning school bell for my daughter's primary from our flat and grab her book bag, find shoes, put on some lipstick (me, not her) and leave, and because it's so close (like, one minute away) she's still there on time. Once we move we'll have to get up maybe half an hour earlier because the trek to school will be 15-20 minutes more than now, and unlike now when I can pop home if I forget something after dropping off my daughter, once I'm out that's it till it's time to go home…

Is that a dilemma? Camping in building site vs being broke and close to everything… which is better? Ooh, I've just made a wee poll so you can help me with my inertia - voting button to your right. Thanks in advance.


LIISA said...

yeah, being basically lazy, I'd probably end up staying put, but regretting the financial extravagance of it later. Like right now... why didn't we get a flatmate in 6 months ago, when we went to one income but thought it would just be for a wee while...??? (couldn't be bothered having to deal with another person in our house - or finding one who would be kind to a mercurial 2 2/3 year-old. Oh well. I really must chuck some stuff up for sale on (E-Bay)... any minute now.
Kia kaha to you and Rob. It will be great when its done.

kaybar007 said...

I hear ya! Good luck with the eBaying - I gotta do that too, it's the thought of queueing at the post office for hours on end that puts me off... (and you thought you were lazy, ha!) Aroha to you and the whanau! xx