Monday, 2 February 2009

Builder gone AWOL

We've been waiting for Teia-the-builder to come back and do the snagging for a few weeks. On top of stuff like sorting out new cracks in the plaster and generally finishing things off there's the splash-back in the kitchen, the bespoke cabinet and the deck to sort. Once that's all done I'm looking forward to clearing the mountain of miscellaneous building debris that's piling up in our driveway, the garden and the garage.

Rob must've rung Teia more than a dozen times trying to find out when he was hoping to make it back. After a while we started to get worried as it was really out of character for him to go completely AWOL. Rob thought that maybe there'd been a crisis in New Zealand and Teia had jumped on a plane. I thought maybe his band had been given a spontaneous gig or tour or something, and he'd had to fly off at a moment's notice. As it happened, we went to 333 (a Shoreditch nightclub) for the first time in maybe four or five years, and there was Teia on the dancefloor (pictured above, with Rob). London really is a village. It turns out there'd been a holdup on one of his other jobs and he didn't take our calls as he's a man who can't say no. Hopefully he'll be back to do the snagging next week...

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