Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Clearing the way

On February 11th 2008 we got the keys to our house. Yep, it's one year and one week since we officially took possession... this time last year we were enjoying a sunny holiday in Florida with friends and musing over how long the building work would take. Little did we know it would take seven long months before a builder would even cross the threshold.

We've been living in the house for almost three months now, and I was thrilled to leave for work this morning and bump into Teia in the driveway. It was his first trip to the house since Christmas, and he'd came over today to clear out the building debris. A massive pile of miscellaneous rubbish had been leaning against the fence and was beginning to annoy the neighbours (as well as providing a home for local vermin). I'm looking forward to giving the good news to my neighbour who popped over to complain on Saturday morning.

Teia's still tied up on his other job(s) but said he can bring round a crew and that three workmen should take no more than three days to do the snagging and final jobs. Hopefully this will happen in the next few weeks as we have a series of house guests arriving next month.

These photos show the landing on our top floor or "phase 2" as I call it. Phase 2 probably won't start for a year or more. What you see is the space as it was when we took it over, complete with balustrades, curtains and nasty laminate flooring - ick! We're still surrounded by boxes but every week we try and unpack three or four, it's a slow slog but we're getting there.

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