Monday, 9 February 2009

Sunfold resolution

A week ago the whole of London was submerged in the heaviest snowfall in 18 years. You'd think it was the beginning of the ice age the way the media carried on. It is winter (duh) so we do expect a bit of inclement weather. And as we were tucked up in our doubled-glazed house with the central heating ticking away I felt quite cosy and happy. The kids made a wonky snowman and we had a snowball fight in the garden (oh bliss to have a garden!).

Late in the afternoon I ended up speaking by phone to the General Manager of Sunfold and we had a discussion for 17 minutes. He was keen to find out what the issues were and was surprised that his team were slow to install given that they have targets and bonuses to work to. I wanted to convey that a six week wait in sorting out issues was a bit on the slow side and to express our irritation about having to pay out extra days for the builder.

I suppose building angst is a bit like giving birth - at the time you think that you'd rather do anything than go through that again, but once it's over you take a step back and think "the results were worth it in the end". As I chatted to the GM I noticed the 8 inches of snow piled up on top of the extension and was thrilled to see it wasn't leaking. Eventually, we came to an amicable compromise based on the fact that ultimately, we are very happy with the actual extension and as the installation was six weeks ago, our frustration over how long it took had evaporated somewhat.

I'm sure Sunfold will change the small print on their contracts and/or motivate their installation staff, and hopefully they'll respond to any complaints in a more timely fashion. In hindsight, I would say they are worth getting a quote from (their prices were far more agreeable than most other glass manufacturers) but do the work in summer to avoid camping out in the freezing cold, incase the installation takes longer than expected.

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*TRUFAX* said...

Glad it got resolved in the end. Am still hugely unimpressed by Sunfold's customer service and the fact that it took this long to get them to see sense.