Saturday, 21 February 2009

Kids room

We've got two girls and you can imagine their main decorating concern revolves around when we're going to paint their room pink. I was almost going to cave in and do it, as it would be a temporary colour scheme anyway (Phase 2 would mean their room would be stripped back and re-done... in white). Then I remembered that I know next to nothing about preparing walls and that it would potentially be really messy and difficult.

I've been perusing kids decorating ideas for a while now. There are some fabulous wall stickers out there, like these ones from - I particularly liked the butterflies and flowers motif, but heck, £28? Then I found who had retro flower stickers for £7.95. Bargain. It was so ridiculously cheap that I got the girls a pink chandelier (£14) from the same place. Photos to come (the one at the top is pre-girly update...)

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