Monday, 25 February 2008

Aerial shot of our new house

What did we do before the internet? Here's an aerial photo of our new house thanks to Live Maps (which is so much better than Google Maps IMO). You can put in almost any postcode, then click "birds eye" to zoom in really quite close, then use the arrows to see the building from other angles. Kind of scary, but also very compelling and useful (eg check out your holiday villa's location - is it really a stones throw from the beach? etc etc)

Here you can see we're an end of terrace three story house, at the end of a dead end street and we're surrounded by gardens. A terrific location for kids, especially after living on the edge of a noisy estate for the last five years! I do love our uber modern (ugly) ex council flat but I'm sure I'm going to love our quiet "grown up" house even more.

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